Monday, 3 November 2008

oy vey

my giddy aunt im tired.  take two good things  (number 1 being that stalwart of bored people that is msn, number 2 being hot and funny lesbian and bisexual girls) mix em up and what do you have? Hilarity, dirtiness, clumsiness, videos (not thoses kinds you pervs), an ongoing coversation about what film is the descent and what film is the cave, frequent confusion, hot tub chat, crazy peeps on buses chat, mild arguements in japes, spooning, forking, complaining of lack of couching forking and such like, myday, meet up plans, bagel chat and a whole lot more.  what you dont have, however is an fucking sleep.  Eternal Junkie (leader of the nocturnals), Potential Angel (leader of the hot tub), Ikke (leader of the lovelyness) and KIIMMAAY (leader of the awesome) i salute you ladies.  i also kinda hate you for the amount of tired i am right now. i will check with the others to see if i can mention names.
ps Eternal Junkie - i can understand why you are addicted to Eternal, they were spectactular.

pps - i would like all my friends to blog please.  and to send me the links to the blogs they aleady have please ;p 

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FlickChicks said...

hehe nice!! talked to Ikke while she wrote with you guys!
Apparently it's alot of insider jokes with the oogle tread^^