Saturday, 8 November 2008

all pie, all the time

im a dirty bitch.  for lunch yesterday i had half a banoffee pie and a coffee.  thats just filth.
co-incidentally yesterday trish from my work bought me in a fish pie for my dinner.  she made it herself.  its got scallops in and everything.  
trsh is a star.  shes in her 60s and quite the random missy.  the other week we were talking about indian food (which i love).  out of no where she announces "i make good pavarottis".  she makes... fat dead italian opera singers....?  and eats them...? maybe i should not eat the pie after all.
other quotes of randomness from her.
"i wish i was on the beach in spain drinking champange and eating bread"
"id love a glass of shampoo right now"
"how are you paula?"  (my name is katie, theres not even anyone at my work called paula)
theres more but i cant bloody remember them! frick!

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Anonymous said...

Mmm, a glass of shampoo sounds delicious! Lol, that's great!