Monday, 17 November 2008

camden voogle

i 'ahem' accidentally bumped into mel in camden today so we decided to give a voogle/shout out.
its somewhat ramshackle and silly as you might expect.
and it was really dark so you cant really see us.
and my hairs all flat cos we got rained on.
and le blooper


Elin Inferno said...

car crashes and rain... That's England;P haha well the rain part anyway. That's why Uk's the best! looove rain

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it! Please make more random ass voogles! The car crash was the icing on the cake. Oh, and Katie, you are such a sexual petifile....

maryamd86 said...

you ladies are lovely.. i wish i had more time to oogle.. :)
ps: here's a present for you.. haha

..i thought you might like to know :P

-marya :)

Smith. said...

Hahaha, cute...but this should def not be a PSA for visiting England. I think we should start Team Sexual Predator, me and Katie being the first 2 members.

the funky monkey said...

smith. I think I should join that team...

but anyways cute and hilarious video... :) I love how you see a car accident!!! XD

EternalJunkie said...

Haha, when you said that no one had commented this... it was a BLATANT lie! ;)
Anyway I love it, you two are too cute, and eeeeeee for the 7th.