Monday, 20 July 2009

long time no blog

i will try and think of something exciting today. sorry

Sunday, 7 June 2009

man, an actual man

ok i got a comment on my blog by a guy.  well done that man.  he likes cats, i like cats, all who are sane like cats.  bless you Ailurophile.

in other news my girlfriend came out to her sister last night and then to some gay boys.  well donr chick, very proud of you

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


things which are evil and should be stopped

part 2

i was inspired by D0nna for this post.

same difference

not content with performing in butlins holiday camps same difference will be hitting a gay club in glasgow to perform.

these two muppets were contenders in x factor 2007. observe them singing to each other gazing in each others eyes. they are brother and sister. everything about them is wrong. they are soon to have their own dolls on stardoll which i may buy so i can then melt their heads off. they are, in short, the most annoying people you will ever see or hear.

*from wikipedia -2009 tour
Same Difference announced a 21-date UK tour for March and April 2009, but this was subsequently cancelled. Instead, the duo are co-headlining a 21-dates joint tour with fellow X Factor graduate Leon Jackson.[14]
Unfortunately , due to poor sales of the joint tour, Same Difference and Leon Jackson have now cancelled half of the tour. Same Difference will co-headline the joint tour at Ipswich and Birmingham, plus 7 or more Scottish dates.[15][16] Same Difference will also play a solo one-off concert in Portsmouth. They also have lost their record contract with Syco a month after Leon Jackson, as confirmed by their official website. ha ha sucks to be you same difference.

i feel so dirty for googling them. i need to go and shower

anyway Donna assures me she will deal with them. thank you that woman

whitest girl alive

Saturday, 23 May 2009

happy birthday

so today is my lady loves 21st. which means she can drink in the usa and everything. also as it stands theres only 6 years between us till october. she is going to her first gay bar and everything. so i hope you have a great day babe, i love you loads and i promise to be with you for the next one

Saturday, 16 May 2009

ok lezzie

you asked for it

Monday, 11 May 2009

and again

wont embed for some reason

Sunday, 26 April 2009

sunny day

such a nice day today

Saturday, 25 April 2009

oh bollocks

i seem to have hayfever. it sucks arse. my head feels like its going to explode and im wheezing like..... something really wheezy. fuck it

Thursday, 23 April 2009

this weekend

i want kfc, pizza, to make a cake, to make bread, to eats lots of cheese, to go to the park and to sort out my ladies birthday present. wish me luck

Thursday, 2 April 2009

things women do

im sure that everyone following this blog is a queer lady so im preaching to the converted. theres certain things though, that men just dont seem to do and lovely ladie do. such as

asking "what are you thinking?" or its close cousin "tell me something about you i dont know"
im guilty as sin on this one. what are you thinking is an easy one to answer. you just say what you are thinking duh. but the tell me something one is hard. it requires spontaneous thought, remembering everything you have already told the lady in question and finding an answer that is either interesting/clever or highlariously funny. that not easy peeps.

asking for advice on relationships etc on the interwebs. man dont do this cos they totes never have problems obvs. ahem. and male pride gets in the way of asking. women however want to better themselves and do the right thing. we are just soooo sincere.

talk/read about clothes/fashion/makeup. this comes in a form of look how well dressed she is (read - i totally would) or look at the fucking state of that (read katy perry). im not a fashionista by any means but im severly obsessed with go fug yourself. solange's demise in march madness to audrey o dare (whats one of them when shes at home? id google but i dont want to encourage her) actually makes me want to cry. SWINTON to take the whole thing. see im getting all excited thus proving my point.

talk about books. women love to talk about what they are reading and their favourite books. if you are a queer lady obvs its got to be something highbrow or arty. and the only response to your straight friends reading chick lit must be a roll of the eyes obvs.

be obsessed with cats. men like dogs. dogs are boisterious, exciteable and will try and hump any old stranger. cats are slinky, demure and gracefull. men should love cats cos cats are the women of the animal world. but no, its left to us. and by us i mean queer ladies.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

work perks

so i work in a clothes shop in chelsea, west london.  its a very posh area and consequentially gets a bit of celeb action (and select model agency is just across the road so lots of models.  which is, well, nice.  ive never seen anyone massively stellar in my shop (i keep missing nigella damnit).  but the lovely andrea corr (corr being the word) pops in a fair bit.  which now means i hang around the fitting rooms like a pervy creep when she tries things on.  i informed one of my colleagues of my intention to marry said corr and she told me that andrea corr is dating kevin spacey.  oh really?  renonowed heterosexual kevin spacey.  right then.  

Monday, 9 March 2009

the l worst

608 - lame ass?
im officially scared to watch the last 3 eps of the l word.  when you hear how shit something is from everyone whos seen it you have to think "am i really going to subject myself to this?"
as far as ive heard nothing at all is resolved. nothing.  
whats happening with tasha and alice?  
what was the point of bringing molly back? i love you molly
whats happening with poor max and his baby inside
what about kit and sunset
what was the point of dylena?
does anyone get out of this happy?

if theres any redeeming feature to this ep (funny bits/sex scenes etc) please hollar at me

east london massive

spotted in stratford east london

Thursday, 19 February 2009

oh cock off!

the brit awards were last night
the winners being thusly

critics choice - florence and the machine - yay!
outstanding contribution - pet shop boys - meh
best british female - duffy - over M.I.A? really people? really?
best british group - elbow - i cant complain at that
international group and album - kings of leon - fair doos
british male - paul weller - yawn
international male - kayne west - i think this is a good call what with the change of direction on the last album
best british album - duffy rockferry - yeah seriouslt why?
best british live act - iron maiden - wtf????
best brish breakthrough - duffy. again.
but, the real fucking kicker - best international female - nominated were beyonce, gabriella cilmi, pink, katy perry, santogold. guess who wone. just fucking guess. how katy perry won over santogold is a mystery, injustice and made me sick up in my mouth

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

oh snoes

it snowed.  my god did it snow

snow angel

Sunday, 1 February 2009

this and that

ok i have nothing important to say. well i never do but what the hey.
so oogle thread is back which is great even though tis a cliquey place. we shall make it fun though. more filth please
it is a snowing here, we have weather from russia. we might get 8 inches which means britain will come to a standstill. i can but hope. id love to be snowed in.
and im getting really into dancing on ice. i hate that ray quinn is so good. annoying gnome faced boy.
i was youtubing yesterday. how come so much good music comes from scandinavia and sweden in particular? the hives, the concretes, the sounds, ida maria, the knife, alphabeat, jose ganzales, lykki li, ABBA (yes ABBA), peter, bjorn and john et all. is ther something in the water there? also if you wikipedia bands from sweden theres loads i have never heard of but all with great names. homy hogs anyone?
any other bands/singers i should check out?

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Super kezz!!!

i think i have posted this pic before but look!  its super kezz!!!  charmer of ladies, queen of dancing and being hit on by men in gay bars, arty type par excellence and my dodgem buddy.  and she posed for a pic with me even though i looked more emo than newt in hollyoakes.
also, not to self, wear padded bras more.  newt from hollyoakes probably has more boobage than me in the pic


i love team msn.  really i love you all and you all know that.  you are all so different but yet so wonderfull.  in the death of oogle it has been a great distraction given that im pretty much housed bound.
i have installed it 3 times and yet it still boots me off, takes ages to open or not open at all.  it freezes, doesnt let me view emoticons, rarely lets me recieve nudges.  why msn? why????????????????????????

the other bad thing about msn is that it allows my chav ex to flirt with me.  stop. it. now.

ahh looking back on the 7th today made me happy and think to the future when we do other things and kim, ikke and chris visit and when i visit sara in il,
good tiimes

Saturday, 17 January 2009

attack of the nipple pic

there are few thing likely to cause harm on a lesbian webforum.
fake cheerleaders and their lover cindi - deemed ok
people posting about fucking 13 year olds - deemed ok
arguments that decend into racism/islamophobia/anti semitism/bi phobia - deemed ok

what is not ok however is nipples
so it comes to pass that it is the end of the oogle thread.
we did have a good run and i loved it.

however i dont see why that has to mean the end of the following threads:
friends without borders
i like to google
does anyone have or use...?
um - i miss those threads
i loved fwb.  it was a great idea and tool for meeting friends.  trolls aside.

my dears we need a new thread.  one we can oogle in, banter in and frollick likelittle lesbian/bi lambs.
love to you all

Sunday, 4 January 2009

shit music vid part 2

now, i love this song.  but.... wtf is going on here then?
i saw it on mtv two without the black censored blocks.  shes totally naked which is... well nice of her but what is the point of this madness

come dine with me

so i have the house to myself.  i have no complaints about my lovely new lodger whatsoever but its rare i get an empty house.  but right this minute i do.  what better way to spend a day off than to watch 5 episodes in a row of come dine with me. that ive already seen.  im fucking obsessed with it though.  from tomorrow it goes daily on day time.  its enough to make me want to give up work. for those over seas who have never seen the show it goes thusly
5 (or 4 nowadays) strangers take it in turns to throw each other a dinner party.  snarky voiceover ensues.   someone invariably gets blotto drunk and falls alseep.  theres always a horrible bitch women and or snobby pretentious guy there.  see it sounds rubbish.  but its not. promise.