Monday, 9 March 2009

the l worst

608 - lame ass?
im officially scared to watch the last 3 eps of the l word.  when you hear how shit something is from everyone whos seen it you have to think "am i really going to subject myself to this?"
as far as ive heard nothing at all is resolved. nothing.  
whats happening with tasha and alice?  
what was the point of bringing molly back? i love you molly
whats happening with poor max and his baby inside
what about kit and sunset
what was the point of dylena?
does anyone get out of this happy?

if theres any redeeming feature to this ep (funny bits/sex scenes etc) please hollar at me


Rad-a-two-ee said...

sigh. i watched it tonight. if you feel like maybe you want closure for the characters and you care about them etc, then i'd recommend first you make up awesome endings for each of them yourself. something really good you'll have fun doing, maybe even with friends. then, watch the episode, you will definitely want friends with you for that. then pretend that everything you hated in the finale didnt exist. and you know it doesnt because you know the real endings that you made up before. and also, you should drink. jus sayin.

Gadget Geek said...

It was terrible, I won't even get this season on DVD like I have the previous seasons. Needless to say, I was severely disappointed. With the risk of sounding like a perv, the only highlight in my opinion the love scene between Bette and Tina and that's not even the reason I watch the show. What a f'ing disappointment! Not to mention Max gets a porn star mustache, how lame. It was just terrible, I had to watch an older episode from like season 1 to pacify myself.