Thursday, 19 February 2009

oh cock off!

the brit awards were last night
the winners being thusly

critics choice - florence and the machine - yay!
outstanding contribution - pet shop boys - meh
best british female - duffy - over M.I.A? really people? really?
best british group - elbow - i cant complain at that
international group and album - kings of leon - fair doos
british male - paul weller - yawn
international male - kayne west - i think this is a good call what with the change of direction on the last album
best british album - duffy rockferry - yeah seriouslt why?
best british live act - iron maiden - wtf????
best brish breakthrough - duffy. again.
but, the real fucking kicker - best international female - nominated were beyonce, gabriella cilmi, pink, katy perry, santogold. guess who wone. just fucking guess. how katy perry won over santogold is a mystery, injustice and made me sick up in my mouth

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

oh snoes

it snowed.  my god did it snow

snow angel

Sunday, 1 February 2009

this and that

ok i have nothing important to say. well i never do but what the hey.
so oogle thread is back which is great even though tis a cliquey place. we shall make it fun though. more filth please
it is a snowing here, we have weather from russia. we might get 8 inches which means britain will come to a standstill. i can but hope. id love to be snowed in.
and im getting really into dancing on ice. i hate that ray quinn is so good. annoying gnome faced boy.
i was youtubing yesterday. how come so much good music comes from scandinavia and sweden in particular? the hives, the concretes, the sounds, ida maria, the knife, alphabeat, jose ganzales, lykki li, ABBA (yes ABBA), peter, bjorn and john et all. is ther something in the water there? also if you wikipedia bands from sweden theres loads i have never heard of but all with great names. homy hogs anyone?
any other bands/singers i should check out?