Sunday, 1 February 2009

this and that

ok i have nothing important to say. well i never do but what the hey.
so oogle thread is back which is great even though tis a cliquey place. we shall make it fun though. more filth please
it is a snowing here, we have weather from russia. we might get 8 inches which means britain will come to a standstill. i can but hope. id love to be snowed in.
and im getting really into dancing on ice. i hate that ray quinn is so good. annoying gnome faced boy.
i was youtubing yesterday. how come so much good music comes from scandinavia and sweden in particular? the hives, the concretes, the sounds, ida maria, the knife, alphabeat, jose ganzales, lykki li, ABBA (yes ABBA), peter, bjorn and john et all. is ther something in the water there? also if you wikipedia bands from sweden theres loads i have never heard of but all with great names. homy hogs anyone?
any other bands/singers i should check out?


Elin Inferno said...

okey you could atleast have mentioned some good band/artist:P haha sure The Hives and The Sounds is good but you forgot Anna Ternheim, Sahara hotnights, those dancing days, Säkert, Hello Saferide... and I guess you UK:ers have a bit of Robyn rush right now:P

strict machine said...

how did i forget robyn?

Judith said...

You could always look up Ace of Base of course or Dr Alban.. most fun! Hey .. and there's Roxette...and Broder Daniel (since you mentioned Robyn, who sang in Out of Amal aka Show me love!). But truely.. Sweden and music.. that will always be Abba!!


Jan said...

Homy Hogs was one of the original Scandinavian (Swedish) hardcore bands. The later records is a mix
of early Alice Cooper and 70s punkrock such as the early Damned. The bandmembers were also an infamous bunch of chaosmakers.

Gadget Geek said...

I agree with Judith...Ace of Base and ABBA, I love them both. I'm not familiar with any other artists at the moment.