Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Super kezz!!!

i think i have posted this pic before but look!  its super kezz!!!  charmer of ladies, queen of dancing and being hit on by men in gay bars, arty type par excellence and my dodgem buddy.  and she posed for a pic with me even though i looked more emo than newt in hollyoakes.
also, not to self, wear padded bras more.  newt from hollyoakes probably has more boobage than me in the pic


i love team msn.  really i love you all and you all know that.  you are all so different but yet so wonderfull.  in the death of oogle it has been a great distraction given that im pretty much housed bound.
i have installed it 3 times and yet it still boots me off, takes ages to open or not open at all.  it freezes, doesnt let me view emoticons, rarely lets me recieve nudges.  why msn? why????????????????????????

the other bad thing about msn is that it allows my chav ex to flirt with me.  stop. it. now.

ahh looking back on the 7th today made me happy and think to the future when we do other things and kim, ikke and chris visit and when i visit sara in il,
good tiimes

Saturday, 17 January 2009

attack of the nipple pic

there are few thing likely to cause harm on a lesbian webforum.
fake cheerleaders and their lover cindi - deemed ok
people posting about fucking 13 year olds - deemed ok
arguments that decend into racism/islamophobia/anti semitism/bi phobia - deemed ok

what is not ok however is nipples
so it comes to pass that it is the end of the oogle thread.
we did have a good run and i loved it.

however i dont see why that has to mean the end of the following threads:
friends without borders
i like to google
does anyone have or use...?
um - i miss those threads
i loved fwb.  it was a great idea and tool for meeting friends.  trolls aside.

my dears we need a new thread.  one we can oogle in, banter in and frollick likelittle lesbian/bi lambs.
love to you all

Sunday, 4 January 2009

shit music vid part 2

now, i love this song.  but.... wtf is going on here then?
i saw it on mtv two without the black censored blocks.  shes totally naked which is... well nice of her but what is the point of this madness

come dine with me

so i have the house to myself.  i have no complaints about my lovely new lodger whatsoever but its rare i get an empty house.  but right this minute i do.  what better way to spend a day off than to watch 5 episodes in a row of come dine with me. that ive already seen.  im fucking obsessed with it though.  from tomorrow it goes daily on day time.  its enough to make me want to give up work. for those over seas who have never seen the show it goes thusly
5 (or 4 nowadays) strangers take it in turns to throw each other a dinner party.  snarky voiceover ensues.   someone invariably gets blotto drunk and falls alseep.  theres always a horrible bitch women and or snobby pretentious guy there.  see it sounds rubbish.  but its not. promise.