Sunday, 4 January 2009

come dine with me

so i have the house to myself.  i have no complaints about my lovely new lodger whatsoever but its rare i get an empty house.  but right this minute i do.  what better way to spend a day off than to watch 5 episodes in a row of come dine with me. that ive already seen.  im fucking obsessed with it though.  from tomorrow it goes daily on day time.  its enough to make me want to give up work. for those over seas who have never seen the show it goes thusly
5 (or 4 nowadays) strangers take it in turns to throw each other a dinner party.  snarky voiceover ensues.   someone invariably gets blotto drunk and falls alseep.  theres always a horrible bitch women and or snobby pretentious guy there.  see it sounds rubbish.  but its not. promise. 

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