Wednesday, 21 January 2009


i love team msn.  really i love you all and you all know that.  you are all so different but yet so wonderfull.  in the death of oogle it has been a great distraction given that im pretty much housed bound.
i have installed it 3 times and yet it still boots me off, takes ages to open or not open at all.  it freezes, doesnt let me view emoticons, rarely lets me recieve nudges.  why msn? why????????????????????????

the other bad thing about msn is that it allows my chav ex to flirt with me.  stop. it. now.

ahh looking back on the 7th today made me happy and think to the future when we do other things and kim, ikke and chris visit and when i visit sara in il,
good tiimes

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ikke said...

I hope your msn will work better anytime soon. i wish i had been there the 7th, you guys seemed to had a great time.