Saturday, 28 March 2009

work perks

so i work in a clothes shop in chelsea, west london.  its a very posh area and consequentially gets a bit of celeb action (and select model agency is just across the road so lots of models.  which is, well, nice.  ive never seen anyone massively stellar in my shop (i keep missing nigella damnit).  but the lovely andrea corr (corr being the word) pops in a fair bit.  which now means i hang around the fitting rooms like a pervy creep when she tries things on.  i informed one of my colleagues of my intention to marry said corr and she told me that andrea corr is dating kevin spacey.  oh really?  renonowed heterosexual kevin spacey.  right then.  


Random said...

I would so hang around the fitting rooms as well.
I really like her...uhm...voice? Well actually I do, but... yeah..
And this Nigella...would that be ms. Lawson?
In that case *double sighs*.
Can I get your job? ;o)

Rad-a-two-ee said...

Haha i need a nametag that reads "Renowned Heterosexual Kevin Spacey"!