Wednesday, 27 May 2009

things which are evil and should be stopped

part 2

i was inspired by D0nna for this post.

same difference

not content with performing in butlins holiday camps same difference will be hitting a gay club in glasgow to perform.

these two muppets were contenders in x factor 2007. observe them singing to each other gazing in each others eyes. they are brother and sister. everything about them is wrong. they are soon to have their own dolls on stardoll which i may buy so i can then melt their heads off. they are, in short, the most annoying people you will ever see or hear.

*from wikipedia -2009 tour
Same Difference announced a 21-date UK tour for March and April 2009, but this was subsequently cancelled. Instead, the duo are co-headlining a 21-dates joint tour with fellow X Factor graduate Leon Jackson.[14]
Unfortunately , due to poor sales of the joint tour, Same Difference and Leon Jackson have now cancelled half of the tour. Same Difference will co-headline the joint tour at Ipswich and Birmingham, plus 7 or more Scottish dates.[15][16] Same Difference will also play a solo one-off concert in Portsmouth. They also have lost their record contract with Syco a month after Leon Jackson, as confirmed by their official website. ha ha sucks to be you same difference.

i feel so dirty for googling them. i need to go and shower

anyway Donna assures me she will deal with them. thank you that woman

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