Saturday, 1 November 2008

joining team insomnia

i think im on my way to joining my friends smith and amy in the nocturnal team.  its like team bra, just at night or something.
last night was halloween.  a night i enjoy in theory.  in reality however, half of stratford was closed off my police and a group of about 50 or so young arseholes proceeded to thrown fireworks at each other.  i saw all these kids larking around and im like, ok whatever so i walk into the middle of it and i see a ruffian type boy through something and it occurs to me that what hes thrown is on fire.  then i realise, yup, thats a firework about a meter from my foot.  so i scarper and see 3 armoured police vans drive towards the mellee.  
watched 'funny games' with brian.  shit, that is an intense and hardcore film.  its good though.
to soothe my frazzeled mind

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Sarah said...

so, goldfrapp is pretty much awesome.
and duh, you obviously know that already, =).