Sunday, 9 November 2008


they say that to see what a woman will end up like you should look at their mother. they are wrong.
this is my mother (umm up there, again i dont know why my photos always go to the top of my post).
sir, please take your hands off my mother.  its not something i want to see.  yup that my mum on new years eve.  as you can see i look nothing like her.  we both have blue eyes but thats it.  pip from my work thinks i should go blonde.  i am not a blonde kinda girl.  first off i would look like a corpse, secondly having hair my short would mean i would be dying it every two weeks and it would hate me and all fall off.  thirdly some people dont go for blondes.  i dont in general.  there are exceptions of course, la feldman, laurel holloman, kylie and future wife.  but generally not so much.  i dont know if its because for most of my life pre london i lived with only my mum and i love my mum but i dont be wanting to shctup her lookalike.  
basically the ruse of this whole post is to show that pic of my mum and this vid from another great blonde.

no blonde jokes now.  seriously. NO BLONDE JOKES!

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Elin Inferno said...

I personally have nothing against blondes, but do prefer redheads or dark brown... But as you said there's exceptions...