Sunday, 30 November 2008


in other news although i am a perv obv and have been liking the younger ladies it seems the older peeps like me.  recently i have been
kissed on the neck twice by a 60 something lady at work
been given a number by a 60 something man who wanted to take me for lunch but hes on le tv so i cant name names alas.
had a 62 year old swiss woman get nakey infront of me and ask if she could buy me.
and been asked back to hers by a woman whos atleast 20 years my senior.  twice.
it makes me feel young though.  today at work i was speaking to a 16 year old about cheese music and she hadnt heard of 2 unlimited.  i felt fucking pre historic

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the funky monkey said...

Oh dear...this reminded me of the other night. I was at this burlesque show waiting for my friends to arrive. This very dykey woman older than my mother (50 at least) was hitting on me...sitting next to me telling me I need to smile because I was so much prettier when I did. To top it off, she was Ms. Oregon Leather 2008. So she had a leather jacket on, and big boots ...the whole getup...she had some man with her as her slave...making him get us drinks and cleaning up a mess and he had to retie her was hilarious...I was like thinking about my "hurry up and get here". I think it would have been alright if she was younger and didn't have a man with her... :p