Thursday, 6 November 2008

lame ass momment

picture the scene if you will.  its hmm, 2001.  im in my early 20s.  im working in starb*cks.  its december.  my boss decides we are all to wear santa hats.  thats lame.  tall, leggy blonde in hat walks in.  im thinking im making sure im serving that hot blonde.  as she makes her way to the tills i swoop in.  she pics up a sandwich.  i start to speak and then realise at that moment the hot blonde is cat deely.  i say "oh, you get a free bag of crisps (or chips for my american chums) with a sandwich" she starts looking at the crisps.  she picks up some crisps and laughs "golden russet, thats a funny name for crisps!" then, and i kid you not, i said this, i say "yeah, it sounds like gusset".

what the fucking fuck did i say that for????????????????????????????????????????????
by this time i clearly have no cool or shame so i ask for an autograph.  which she signs "to katie, all my love cat.  ps keep your gusset to yourself xxx"
shes so fucking awesome
i am so lame and should never be allowed to speak to hot girls


Anonymous said...

You are one lucky lesbo!

EternalJunkie said...

Haha, you have no idea how much I laughed at that!
You're too cool for Cat Deeley anyway

Elin said...

okey too be honest I had to look up who Cat Deeley where, she is not that hot:P haha!!
haha but it was funny though:P