Saturday, 22 November 2008

coughs and sneezes

and all that.  so its my weekend off and im in bed under two duvets.  im so cold i cant even get out of bed to change the channel on 'the hills' which may be the worst tv programme ever in the world.  also last night i got hugely drunk on not much alchohol which does not bode well for the meet up of the 7th (aka the most exciting thing ever).  i must have some vodka trainning as not to shame myself infront of the pretty ladies.  ok i will blog properly later when i can actally feel my hands.
much love y'all


EternalJunkie said...

I think I need proper vodka training too... or I'll fall over something/someone!

Anonymous said...

Amy's gonna end up making out with everyone, lol, that what she does when she's drunk. Someone better record this shit!!!

Hope you feel better Katie! xoxo