Thursday, 13 November 2008

and i espcially love irn bru

i have heard that scotland is the only country in the world where coca-cola is not the most popular soft drink in the world.  the (soft) drink of choice is irn bru.  if you havent tasted said beverage i really cant describe it for you.  its toxic orange coloured and tastes like nothing else on earth aside from a random hungarian booze drinky. scottish people love to moan about scotland but they also love scottish things.  like irn bru.  and shirly manson.  and sharleen spiteri.  and jenni falconer.  i digress.   the best thing about irn bru is not the taste, nor its hangover killing qualities, nor the fact that its uber cheap to buy (scottish people dont like spending natch).  not the best thing about it is its random/funny/close to the bone adverts.  there was once a billboard poster of a cow saying "when im a burger i want to be washed down with irn bru"
and this

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