Tuesday, 28 October 2008

on becoming lady on a period stereotype

yesterday, as established was my birthday.  it was a fairly crap birthday all in all.  however i was suprised to find myself blinking back tears in my supermarket.  then i realise ok, period is here.  i hate that i am such a cliche during my period.  im a laid back girl.  i never shout, i never lose my temper, i am, in a word, chill.
but yet...
i have had to stay away from my housemate today as i know im going to be a massive bitch.
i went to supermarket, bought ben and jerrys, cheese and milkshake.  then got hugely pissed off at EVERYONE in the supermarket.
went to bed with hot water bottle.
went out again for chocolate.
refilled hot water bottle.
then cursed myself for the massive amount of horny i get on my period.

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