Monday, 27 October 2008

i haz a blog

blame my flatmate for his nagging.  blame smith. and her funny ass blog.  blame whoever you want.  nontheless i have taken the step into bloogysphere.  well today is my birthday, i have hit 27 (eep, late twenties!) and i must say im not feeling joyfull about it.  but its all going to be ok.  i have glowsticks, i have glitter spray, i have red wine and i have a caramel donut. and i have cheese but that goes without saying, i always have cheese.  if for some reason all cows,goats and sheep died an i was left in a world without cheese im not sure that would be a world for me.
if you are someone who knows me and are reading this you will surely be used to my ramblings and love of cheese.  if however, you are a stranger to me im sorry for the ramblyness.  i really cant help it.  i think so far the highlight of my b'day has been the love from the oogle thread on  i have had birthday wishes written on the boobs of a lovely lady for cripes sake.  who couldnt love that? exactly, no one.  
well i shall be settling down for a very lesbian bridget jones stylee evening of the aforementioned treats and america's next top model.  (tyra i salute you and your lovely weaves) then maybe the sex and the city movie.
over and out
strict. xx 

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the funky monkey said...

hmmm...i wonder who left you birthday boobs? lol ;)

ooooh, and i have an obsession with cheese too. mmmmm :D