Tuesday, 28 October 2008

the incredible likeness of samantha ronson

ok.  first of all where the frack was antm last night living tv?  most haunted live all night?  really? fuck right off!
secondly twice in two days i have been told i look like samantha ronson.  i have never heard this before.  on asking more opinions apparently i do indeed look like the li lo loving one.  now heres my deal, previously i have been told i look like beth orton.  i do indeed concurr.  once i was told i looked like uma thurman.  i disagree wildly but YAY!!! on that site that compares you're face to celebs it came back with selma blair.  again i disagree but YAY!!! once more.  samantha ronson, though, i think is wildly fugly.  shes gotten better of late but i still would not touch her with a 10 foot dildo. (oow).  i appreciate this is a matter of taste and each to their own and hell shes snagged li lo whos hot hot hot and ive enjoyed rude dreams about.  however im sailing on a wave of noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! right now.  mehhh.

text on pic of me courtesy of beloved gay hubbie


Sarah said...

Beth Orton does sound better.

I've also noticed that SamRo's looks have improved tons since she's been going public with LiLo. Instead of making jokes about Lindsay's amazing facial scrub, I'll just say that I hope it keeps working. She's almost cute now.

strict machine said...

oh sarah, your facial scrub comment cracked me up!